Dear Younger Me: A Letter to Myself


Have you ever considered the advice you would give to your younger self?  I thought about this the other day while working with some teen girls.  The struggles they are experiencing nowadays seem to be very similar to what I went through many years ago!  If I could give some advice to younger teenage me, this is what I would say: Dear 16 year old Christy- I know you think the things you are going through right now are the end of the world.  You just went through a painful break-up, have body image issues, friend drama, and overall High School stress.  As hard as this is to believe, it does get better. The things that you think are so...

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5 Ways to Find Purpose in Retirement

Finding Joy in Retirement

Recently I’ve seen an influx of clients who are experiencing a life transition so many of us dream about—they are retiring! Many of us long for the days when we don’t have to answer to anyone.  We can travel, play golf, spend more time with loved ones, and take up a new hobby. The possibilities are endless in retirement! However, I’ve recently realized there is a downfall to all that free time. Imagine living your life for 50, 60, 70 years with consistency and structure...then one day it all goes away. It may be great for a few weeks, but eventually reality sets in. Many retirees I meet are depressed and are struggling to find purpose. Purpose is so important....

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