How to Love Yourself

love yourself

Happy Valentine’s Day from Journey to Joy!  As wonderful as this Hallmark holiday full of love can be, it can also be really painful for some.  Sometimes expectations are not met, no effort is made, and you may feel hurt, let down, or disappointed.  It’s hard to be single this week, and it’s hard to be in a relationship/married if you have a partner that doesn’t try.  If you feel sad about this week, it’s okay.  You aren't alone. What I want to remind you, is that you have to take care of you.  This blog is not about others loving you, it is about you learning to love yourself. A lot of people struggle with loving themselves.  We are...

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Feel Like a Fraud? You May Have Imposter Syndrome

imposter syndrome

We all have times in our life when we feel like a fake.  Maybe we feel ill-equipped, not good enough, or have a fear of being exposed.  This is called Imposter Syndrome.  Imposter Syndrome is an inability to see your own accomplishments and successes, and instead fear that others will see through you.  People with Imposter Syndrome are often high-achievers who don’t believe their successes in life are due to their hard work, intelligence, creativity, or natural talents.  Instead, they fear that the accomplishments are only due to luck or circumstance. Imposter Syndrome is grounded in inadequacy.  For example, I can give you the perfect example of Imposter Syndrome since I am writing this blog.  While writing, I may start...

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