What Masks Do You Wear and Why?


“The world is full of precious souls wearing masks to hide the pain”—Alfa Happy Halloween from Journey to Joy Counseling!  This week on the blog, we are going to talk about masks.  Not Halloween masks, but rather the masks we wear EVERY SINGLE DAY.  I love this quote from the poet Alfa because I think there is so much truth in it.  We pretend to be okay on the outside, but on the inside, we hurt, are messy, and oftentimes unhappy.  So what masks do we wear to compensate? Perfectionism Sometimes people who try to be perfect in everything actually feel pretty awful on the inside.  What they want to project to everyone else is “I have it all together”...

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Porn Addiction versus Sex Addiction Part 2

sex addiction

If you read last week’s blog, you know that today I’m going to discuss sex addiction, and how it is different from porn addiction.  If you missed last week’s blog, click here. Although there is not an official DSM-5 diagnosis for sex addiction, there is plenty of support for a legitimate diagnosis.  This week I’m going to talk to you about what I’ve seen working with sex addiction, as well as what other experts have to say about it. What is Sex Addiction? Last week, I told you that porn addiction is a type of sex addiction—but not all sex addicts are porn addicts.  Let me tell you what sex addiction can look like. Sex addicts can be addicted to...

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Porn Addiction versus Sex Addiction Part 1

porn addiction

In my line of work, I see a lot of people who are addicted to a lot of things—alcohol, drugs, shopping, gambling, food, work, etc.  Interestingly enough, I also see a lot of people who I believe are addicted to pornography and/or sex.  I believe that people can get addicted to both—even though for the time being, there is no official DSM-5 diagnosis for either….yet.  But if you’ve ever lived with someone who has a porn addiction or sex addiction, you probably agree that both are legitimate.. My hope over the next 2 weeks is to explain the difference between porn addiction and sex addiction, and to give you a clear understanding of why both are very real, and devastating...

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What is Transfer Addiction?

transfer addiction

There is a lot of talk in the news today about the opioid crisis and addiction.  Normal, everyday people are finding themselves addicted to pain pills—or worse.  Even if these individuals are lucky enough to get into recovery, there are still a lot of obstacles for them to face.  The possibility of relapse, the pressure to stay sober, and even the possibility of a transfer addiction. If you’re someone not familiar with the world of addiction, or even if you are, there’s still a good chance you may not have heard the term transfer addiction.  My hope today is to educate you on why it’s such a problem, and why getting into recovery is only half the battle for those...

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Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACOA) and Family Roles


If you were raised in a home where one or both parents were alcoholics (or even addicts), you are probably an Adult Child of an Alcoholic (ACOA).  ACOA’s are a group of individuals who have unique, and sometimes dysfunctional ways of living and behaving due to their upbringing.  There are also some specific family roles ACOA’s may take on when they are growing up. When you live in a home with an alcoholic or addict parent, life may feel unpredictable.  You may feel that you walk on eggshells all of the time.  What was okay yesterday may not be okay today.  ACOA’s may avoid conflict because there was so much in their family of origin.  They may struggle to be...

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