Porn Addiction versus Sex Addiction Part 2

sex addiction

If you read last week’s blog, you know that today I’m going to discuss sex addiction, and how it is different from porn addiction.  If you missed last week’s blog, click here. Although there is not an official DSM-5 diagnosis for sex addiction, there is plenty of support for a legitimate diagnosis.  This week I’m going to talk to you about what I’ve seen working with sex addiction, as well as what other experts have to say about it. What is Sex Addiction? Last week, I told you that porn addiction is a type of sex addiction—but not all sex addicts are porn addicts.  Let me tell you what sex addiction can look like. Sex addicts can be addicted to...

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Porn Addiction versus Sex Addiction Part 1

porn addiction

In my line of work, I see a lot of people who are addicted to a lot of things—alcohol, drugs, shopping, gambling, food, work, etc.  Interestingly enough, I also see a lot of people who I believe are addicted to pornography and/or sex.  I believe that people can get addicted to both—even though for the time being, there is no official DSM-5 diagnosis for either….yet.  But if you’ve ever lived with someone who has a porn addiction or sex addiction, you probably agree that both are legitimate.. My hope over the next 2 weeks is to explain the difference between porn addiction and sex addiction, and to give you a clear understanding of why both are very real, and devastating...

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12 Toxic Habits That Kill Relationships


We all have unhealthy habits in our romantic relationships or marriages.  However, there are definitely some behaviors that are considered more “toxic” or dangerous to the relationship long-term.  If you find yourself or your partner falling into any of the following habits, you may want to consider reaching out for help!  Many of the habits listed below could lead to major issues and a toxic relationship between the two of you. Control Do you have equal power in your relationship?  There are a few reasons why this is important.  One, you need to have equal say and decision-making power.  Two, your relationship is a team.  If you find yourself having less than 50% power, it may be time to re-evaluate....

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10 Easy Ways to Increase Intimacy


It can be very difficult after so much time together to keep intimacy as a priority.  Between kids, your career, extra-curricular activities, and running a household, oftentimes intimacy can easily get put on the back burner.  If you find yourself in a rut, I want to suggest a few ways to improve your communication and work towards better intimacy.  It can improve with intentionality and time! First, let’s define what intimacy is and isn’t.  Intimacy is sex, but that’s not all.  Intimacy is the deep, emotional connection you have with your partner.  It’s the stability, the comfort, and the familiar.  Intimacy is knowing each other inside and out, and accepting each other—flaws and all!  Intimacy makes a healthy sexual life...

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Let’s Talk About Sex


Can it be awkward to talk to your spouse about your sex?  Absolutely!  We all want to think that we have everything figured out sexually and that our spouses are completely satisfied.  Many couples enter into a marriage expecting that things in the bedroom will just happen or have a way of working themselves out.  Obviously, this is not always the case. I often ask couples to look at it from this perspective: Would you rather endure a few possibly uncomfortable conversations or a lifetime of being unhappy or unsatisfied in your sex life?  By following these suggestions and opening dialogue between you and your spouse, you can assure you are moving intimacy in a more enjoyable and fulfilling direction...

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